Joel Chapman Plays With Fire

To create gorgeous art pieces

The multi-talented Kalamazoo artist creates wood-burned pieces from his studio. Send Joel Chapman a photograph you love, and he’ll create a gorgeous wood burning in its likeness. Joel has been involved in the visual arts his entire life. As a high school student, he sold art pieces to pay for his first car. When he discovered wood burning, he fell in love with the medium, and it’s been his primary style ever since.

Reach out to Joel today to start building your art collection.

wood burning paintings Kalamazoo, MI

Chapman’s Wood Burning Creations

Joel Chapman has created hundreds of wood burnings for his clients. The subjects span all interests, including:

  • Famous boxers
  • Tigers
  • Motorcycles
  • Children
  • Football players
  • Family photos

Browse the Chapman’s Wood Burning Creations online shop today. Do you have something in mind you would love to see made into a piece of art? Take any photograph you love, and send it to Joel to create an art piece you’ll want to show off to your friends and family.

Start planning your next art piece today – call Chapman’s Wood Burning Creations at 269-910-4239.

wood burning paintings Kalamazoo, MI
wood burning paintings Kalamazoo, MI

Buy a furniture piece designed just for you

Make your home look more “you.” Joel Chapman also designs and builds custom furniture pieces for his clients. He can make something out of reclaimed wood or any other wood of your choosing. Build a dining room table that’s its own work of art.

Don’t be bored by your home decor – call Chapman’s Wood Burning Creations to start loving your living space today.

wood burning paintings Kalamazoo, MI

Request a Custom Creation!

  • At Chapmans Wood Burning Creations we love to create one of a kind, custom art work. Send in your request for our Artist to contact you and begin your custom piece today!